The Door

The Door, chapter 20 of The Zen Revolution, happened 13 years ago. It’s still very clear in my mind, all the things detailed there. What I described has only been reinforced over the years—a continuation of these experiences. The static field that I detail below is actually the door, and the wall. I saw through this only a few days ago.… continue reading >

Beyond The Wall

If you’ve studied meditation for any length of time you know there are two selves: your normal thoughts and emotions, and the observer, the one who’s aware that you’re thinking or having an emotion.

The observer can see beyond the confines of self.

Thinking and emotion are entangled, but they are not the same. Thinking deteriorates into chaos and unconsciousness. Thinking is internal programming.… continue reading >

The Mind Field

I first discovered deep-state meditation after a traumatic experience. I began practicing when I was still a teenager. I did yoga at first, until I realized that it was preparing my body for meditation. That’s the way I saw it. To me meditation was the important part, and Zen was the method that really stood out, the path that I wanted to follow.… continue reading >

Grimes On Mindfulness

I recently listened to an episode of Sean Carol’s Mindscape featuring Grimes, who talked about her work creating an avatar. She said people will soon prefer a perfect virtual world to reality, as far as live performances go. Her work nearly requires an alternate reality to exist in. The days of rock ‘n’ roll stereotypes preening and leaping around the stage may be coming to an end.… continue reading >

The True Self

When your meditation becomes mature, the path grounded, you’ve created space internally for the true self to emerge. For the practice to become alive in you, this is essential. Eventually it takes over, or becomes you. Everything becomes the teaching, the path.

Zen master Seung Sahn said to one of the elders, “If you want to find your true self you have to give your whole life.”… continue reading >