Deep Association Theory

Something is wrong with the theory of reincarnation. The math doesn’t work, the same personality types appear in multiple instances, and a child, when born, has only a very rudimentary consciousness. If that child were raised without contact with humans, it would hardly be a human being.

Buddhism teaches reincarnation, but it’s not a Buddhist concept. It predates it by many centuries, is told all through the Vedas.… continue reading >

On Reincarnation

In response to a recent post of a Zen luminary on the myth of reincarnation:

H – It doesn’t work for me anymore, the whole of a person continuing to a new incarnation. With all the new developments in science, what would make more sense would be a continuous recombination of energy, new iterations that contain many different consciousnesses, an amalgam of instinct/tendencies/preferences defined by random selection.… continue reading >